First ever Hong Kong Notarial Practice Course comes to an end

From 20-25 April 2015 I was in Hong Kong providing a series of intensive teaching courses to prospective notaries with the expert assistance of Nigel Ready, editor of Brooke’s Notary, former managing partner of Cheeswrights Notaries Public, and a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Scriveners.  This was the culmination of the first ever Notarial Practice Course in Hong Kong, a project that I have had the privilege of spearheading as the Education Officer of the Scriveners Company.  The Scriveners Company was asked to provide the course by the Hong Kong Society of Notaries, an organisation with which the Company has a longstanding relationship.

I wrote the course notes from scratch and set up an online forum for discussion of points of notarial practice.  A number of assessments were set during the course and personal feedback was provided to all students.  All in all it was a major undertaking but a very rewarding experience.

Notaries in Hong Kong perform very similar functions to notaries in England and Wales and although Hong Kong law is different in some respects (see for example the CPE-accredited course on “Hong Kong companies”), they are differences of detail not of principle.

The course was run for 120 students and it was a pleasure to meet them face-to-face after 6 months of online tuition.

Social highlights of the stay in Hong Kong included a cocktail reception at the Hong Kong Club, a dinner at the China Club, and a trip to the horse races in Happy Valley, where I backed all the wrong horses and ended the evening HK$30 down.

April 18, 2015

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