Information on the online CPE courses

Important information to read before purchasing a course.

To register as a course participant you simply click on the “signup” link in the header or the “signup” button in the Login panel.  On clicking this you will be taken to the registration page.  Fill in all the details in the registration form and click on the “complete signup” button at the bottom of the form.  You will receive an email at your registered email address with an activation link.

You can browse through all the courses in the Course Directory. The Course Directory shows all the available courses.  It contains the title of the course, a short description of the course, the price and the total number of participants who have taken the course.  You can use the search bar to search for a specific course and the Course Directory may be sorted alphabetically or by date of creation.

To purchase a course you simply need to click on “Take the Course” button, and then you will be redirected to the course page.  Payment may be made by credit or debit card or using your PayPal account via the PayPal gateway: please allow 1-2 working days for course activation.  All course fees are shown inclusive of VAT.  A receipted VAT invoice will be e-mailed to you using the address that you provided on registration.  If you prefer to pay by cheque or by direct bank transfer, please send an e-mail to

Please note that these courses are designed for notaries practising in England and Wales.  If you are outside the United Kingdom please do not purchase these courses online.  If you are interested in courses in notarial practice or other tuition from outside the UK please contact me by e-mail.

Once you have purchased a course and have received confirmation of enrolment, you can start the course at any time.  There is no time restriction for completion of the course and you can pick up where you left off at any point.  You can access the course units and the quiz on a PC or tablet, even a smartphone, provided that you have a 3G internet connection.  Once you have finished the course you can still access the course notes, but you cannot take the course again for CPE points.  If the course is updated to take into account substantial recent developments you will be notified that your participation on the course is to be re-set.  You may then purchase the course afresh and gain a further CPE point for completing it.

Once you have finished reading a unit, you should mark it as complete.  You can go back to the unit at any stage, but marking it as complete will help you to find your place in the course if you take a break.  To mark the unit as complete, click on the link at the bottom of each unit which reads “Mark Unit complete“.  A green coloured dot then appears on the course timeline against the completed unit.  After you have read and absorbed the information contained in the units you may attempt the quiz.  You cannot obtain a CPE certificate unless you have marked all the units of study as complete.

Once you have finished the course materials you will be prompted to click on a link that takes you to the quiz interface.  The quiz consists of ten multiple choice questions each with only one correct answer.  You can complete the quiz in one sitting (good for dull train journeys) or do it in chunks.  The website will record your progress and allow you to pick up where you left off.  When you select your answer, remember to save your answer before going on to the next question.  You can go back to a question and complete it later if you wish.  The quiz timeline will show which questions you have answered.  If you forget to save your answer the question will show as unanswered. When all questions are answered you can submit them by clicking on “Submit Quiz”.  You then must click on the “Check Quiz Results” button, which will give you your overall score (hopefully 8/10 or higher so that you can claim your CPE point) and provide explanations for the answers to the questions.  If you do not score 8/10 or more you will have to retake the quiz (up to 3 retakes are permitted).  The questions are randomised so if you retake the quiz some of the questions will be different and the order in which they appear will also be different. If you have scored 8/10 or more on the quiz you can access and print your CPE certificate by clicking on “My Courses” from the Quiz Results page, then “Continue Course” and “Finish Course”.  Your certificates are then stored in your Profile for future reference.  Click here to see instructions on how to access your certificates from your Profile.

Any issues that you may encounter with the look and functionality of this website can usually be solved easily by changing your browser settings, refreshing the page, or clearing the browser cache and cookies.  Some issues may be caused by the browser itself, and for optimal viewing and security it is recommended that you keep your browser up to date.  This website works best with either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, particularly when printing your certificate after successfully completing  a course.  Other browsers may not be compatible with the print function.  If you have any difficulty printing your certificate please contact me and I shall send you a certificate by e-mail. Supported browser links:

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