Data Protection Policy

As a data controller I gather and retain personal data. This policy explains what information I process and why.

Data Protection Policy

My notarial practice is regulated by the Master of the Faculties pursuant to the Legal Services Act 2007 through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury (“my Regulator”).

I practise exclusively as a notary.  I am a sole trader under the name “Rogers Notary” and as such I am a data controller as defined in data protection legislation.  The services that I offer are general notarial services for the authentication of documents and transactions, the preparation of notarised translations, and other related services on request.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office with reference number ZA359144.

All personal data will be kept confidentially by me in accordance with my duties under data protection legislation.

I am required by my professional regulations to retain a record of all notarial acts that I produce for a minimum of 12 years.  This record must contain the date of the notarial act, the details of the person at whose request the act was performed, the details of each person who signs the notarial act and the authority of that person if signing as a company officer or as an agent for another person, the method used to identify each of those persons, the nature of the notarial act and the fee charged.

In addition, I am required to retain a duplicate or a full photographic copy of any notarial act that is in the public form in perpetuity.

It is my practice to retain a duplicate original or a full photographic copy of all notarial acts that I produce.  I also keep a record of our correspondence and the ID documents produced to me.

Amongst the reasons that I retain these records are:

  • so that I can provide proper post-completion care to you and provide you with copies of any notarial act that I produce and/or the documentation that was used to prepare that notarial act,
  • in order to deal effectively with any service complaint that may arise, and
  • to protect my professional and reputational interests in the event of an allegation of notarial misconduct.

These are legitimate interests as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation.

My notarial records are confidential and are stored in a secure manner, but you should note that under the Notaries Practice Rules 2014, any person who can demonstrate a legitimate interest in a notarial act is entitled to request a copy of it or of the record of that act retained by the notary.  If there is any dispute as to the legitimacy of the interest of the person requesting a copy of my records, my Regulator has authority to decide whether the records should be provided or not.

In addition, personal data retained by me may be shared in following circumstances:

  • if my practice is inspected by an Inspector appointed by my regulator
  • in the event of a service complaint that is not resolved by me, with a professional conduct committee appointed by the Worshipful Company of Scriveners and/or the Legal Services Ombudsman
  • if there is an allegation of notarial misconduct, with the nominated notary appointed by my regulator
  • for accounting purposes with a qualified bookkeeper, tax advisor and/or accountant (only to the extent that such personal data is reflected in my invoices and other accounting records)
  • where you ask me to arrange for an apostille to be affixed to a public document (including notarial acts issued by me) or for consular legalisation, with a reputable consular agent
  • where you ask me to arrange a translation for you, with a reputable translator or translation agency
  • in the event of my death of retirement from practice my records will be passed on to a successor practice subject to the same professional regulations with regard to data protection, or to a storage facility approved by my Regulator

I am a scrivener notary, which means a notary who has passed the examinations set by the Worshipful Company of Scriveners of the City of London (the “Scriveners Company”) and who maintains membership of that Company.  The Scriveners Company plays a role in the resolution of service complaints.  This is detailed in a separate signposting notice for complaints.

You have a right to access the personal information that I hold about you and to have it corrected if it is incorrect.  You should contact me if you wish to know what information I hold and/or to request that it be corrected:

Iain Alexander Rogers

Scrivener Notary and Translator

Cherry Tree Cottage


Billingshurst RH14 0QE

West Sussex


Tel. 07507 670 662

October 8, 2018

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