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The History of the Notarial Profession in England and Wales

An overview of the history of the profession.  This is a free course and is not accredited for CPE points, but an unaccredited point may be claimed for completing it.


This is a free course about the history of notaries and their occasional appearances in literature.  The format is similar to the CPE accredited courses available on this website, but there are 15 questions in the quiz rather than 10.  An unaccredited CPE credit point may be claimed for completing this course if you find it to be suitably educational.

Course Reviews

  1. Matthew Knight says:

    The history of the Notarial Profession in England and Wales
    I can only say full marks for the research. Now I know why notaries talk of protocols and registers. Have you read all of the books?

    • rogers says:

      I have read parts of all the books. Some parts haven’t survived the passage of time all that well and others only serve to cure insomnia, but there are often enlightening sections so it’s worth a bit of persistent reading. Thanks for the feedback.

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